Downloading a Document

You can download your SignWell documents from both the sending and recipient sides. 

How To Download a Document From the Sender Side

Within the send modal of your document, you have the ability to download the current version of your document by clicking the drop-down arrow next to "Save as" and then click on "PDF Download":

This will redirect you to the most recent PDF version of your document. 

You can also download your document from your Documents List dashboard: 

How To Download a Document From the Recipient Side

After the recipient has opened the document link and begun the signing process, they can click on the "PDF" button in the top right corner of the document and download the latest version of it:

The document will be complete once every single person involved fills out their fields and clicks the "Finish" button. If you are the last recipient to fill out the document or you are the only person filling it out, then as soon as you finish, a screen will pop up with a link to download the completed version of the file:

Downloading a Completed Document From Both the Sender and Recipient Sides

When all those involved in the document have filled out their assigned fields and finished the contract, the document will be completed and both the sender and recipients will get an email with a download link to the completed version of the document:

These links will direct you to the PDF downloadable version of the completed document.

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