Archiving And Deleting Documents

Archiving documents removes them from your Documents list dashboard and prevents recipients from accessing them anymore. 

How To Archive a Document

If you'd like to archive a document, go to your Documents list dashboard and click on the drop-down arrow next to the document that you'd like to archive. Then click "archive": 

If you need to archive more than one document, select each of the documents you'd like to remove from your Active Documents dashboard and click "archive": 

That's it! Your documents will be removed from the Documents section and won't be accessible by your recipients any longer. 

Finding and Reactivating Archived Documents

You can find the documents that you've archived by clicking on the "Archived" link in the top right corner of your documents list:

You can activate an archived document by hovering over the dropdown menu next to the document and clicking "Unarchive": 

This will relocate the document from the Archived Documents list to your Active Documents list dashboard.

Archiving Versus Deleting Documents

A document that has been archived can't be accessed by the recipients anymore, so this is also a good way to cancel sent documents without officially deleting them. They can still be recovered. 

However, if you delete a document, it will be gone permanently and there won't be any way to recover it

You can delete a completed document from your list of active or archived documents. Simply hover over the drop-down menu next to the document and click "Delete": 

If you are ready to lose the document forever, click "OK," upon reading the warning message, otherwise, click "Cancel":

If you have additional questions, please contact support:

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