Advanced Features When Assigning Fields to a Document

Once you understand the basics of dragging and dropping fields onto your document, you can turn your attention to a few other features and tips that will help you customize the fields you've assigned even more. 

Remember: As you are placing fields on your document, you can use keyboard functions to tab into and out of fields, hit "enter" to interact with them and "escape" to exit:

The "Suggest Fields" Feature

On the left side of your document, above the "DATA ENTRY/SIGNATURES" boxes, you'll see a button to "Suggest Fields," which when enabled, will detect any blank lines in the document and help you align the field boxes on those lines: 

Resizing the Font and Length of Field Boxes

Another useful feature with the field boxes is the ability to resize the font or the length of a field by dragging the corners of the field to the desired size/length:

For text fields, the size of the font and the field itself can only be enlarged to a certain extent. However, if someone wants to make the text field continue onto the next line, they just need to hit "enter" and the field will grow automatically. They can also enable the "fixed width" feature and this will require the text to carry to the next line: 

Take note that if you resize a field to a certain size, it will remain that size the next time you select it unless you change it by dragging the corners of the field again.

Using the "Advanced" Features of a Field

Within the text and date field boxes is an "Advanced" option:

Using the "Advanced" feature with text fields, you can set a fixed text field width (mentioned above), add a label, or add field validation.

To change the text that the recipient sees when they click to fill out a field, you can add a label. For instance, instead of keeping "text" you could enter instructions like, "Type Here" or "Enter First Name":

Then your recipient will see these instructions when they are filling out the form: 

You can also set field validation so that the recipient must enter the characters that are required, for instance, "numbers only":

With the date fields, clicking on the "Advanced" button will give you the option to change the date format, depending on what works best for you: 

For contracts that require a time stamp as well as a date, you can select this date/time format in the Advanced -> Date Format setting: 

You can also update the date format for all of your documents under Settings -> Account. 

Lock Signing Date

Date fields have an option that locks and automatically completes them with the signing date. To enable this option, turn on the "Lock Signing Date" feature in the date field: 

With this enabled, the date field will automatically populate when your recipient/s begin signing their document.

Requiring Fields

Finally, you can choose to make fields required or not required by clicking on the "yes" or "no" button below the recipient's name:

If a field is required, there will be a red vertical line next to it. If it is not required, the vertical line will be grey. Make sure your fields are correctly set to required or optional before sending your document.

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