Signing Documents In Person | What is In Person Signing?

In Person Signing allows you and anyone else who needs to sign a document electronically to fill it out in person.

For instance, let's say you've got a newly hired employee in your office. You're going through the process of filling out paperwork with them, but you'd rather not email them a document and have them sign it through their email. With In Person Signing, you can have them electronically sign the document right there and then. 

Here's a simple run-through of how this works: 

To use In Person Signing, you'll first need to set up a template in your Templates dashboard. Once your template has been created, click on the "Use" button in the middle of the template's row: 

Then click on the "Sign In Person" option:

The system will set up your document and you'll then be required to select the person that will be signing first: 

The person that you selected will then need to enter their name and email address:

They'll be taken to the document and will need to fill out all the fields that were assigned to them in the template. After clicking "Save & Finish", a prompt will appear allowing them to continue to the next signer (if there are more than one signers):

This process repeats until everyone has signed: 1) select the first signer 2) enter their information, 3) have them fill their assigned fields, and 4) continue to the next signer.

When the document has been completed by the last signer, the download dialogue box will appear and the document can be downloaded. Alternatively, you return to your documents dashboard:

In Person Signing works for documents with 1 recipient, as well as documents with multiple signers. 

For additional assistance, please contact SignWell support:

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