Signing Your Document in SignWell

This article covers how to upload a file (PDF, Word, Pages, etc.) into SignWell and then sign it.

Already received a document through SignWell? Read here to sign as a recipient instead.

Uploading & Preparing Your Document

To upload your document, click on the "New Document" button and then click "Upload Document":

You can upload multiple documents at once by clicking on the "add document" button:

Once you've uploaded your document, check the box for "I'm the only person signing", hit "continue", and you'll be taken directly to the preview page of the document where you can begin signing it.

Adding Fields & Signing Your Document

On the left side of the preview page, select the field that you'd like to add, then click on the line where you'd like to place the field (alternatively, you can click and drag the field). As soon as you place the field on your document, you can fill it out: 

If you realize that you'd like to place your signature field again, you can delete the field or click and drag on the corner to re-size it. You can also select the field and click and drag to position it better:

Repeat this process with any other fields that you'd like to fill out (for instance, text fields, check boxes, date fields, etc.).

Saving and Downloading Your Document

When you have finished filling out all of your fields, you can download your document by clicking on the "Share" -> "PDF Download" option in the top right corner of the preview page:

You can also share your document with others through the "Share Link" button, or simply click on "Copy Link" to get a copy of the link to the document that you've just signed: 

You can disable the share link at any time by clicking "yes" next to the disable share link button, and this will prevent others from viewing the link that you shared: 

Lastly, you can email the document that you've signed to yourself or someone else by clicking "send": 

With your document signed and either sent or saved, you should be all set! 

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