Bulk Sending - How To Bulk Send Your Documents

You can send a template to a large list of recipients (up to 500 people) by uploading a CSV file with their information. Before creating your bulk sending, you will first need to create a template

Choose a Template

After creating a template, navigate to the Bulk Sending dashboard and click on the "New Bulk Sending" button: 

Select a template/s and click on the "Continue" button: 

Upload a CSV File

If needed, you can download an Example CSV Template (see section below for additional CSV file uploading tips), which will download a CSV with all available columns, including optional field labels.

If you would like to populate the signer's name, address, phone, etc., then you can do this by first adding a label for this to the text fields that need to be populated in your template:

Then go back to your list of Contacts that you're importing as a CSV file and add [placeholder name]_[label]. For instance: client_phone_number: 

When you're ready, click to "Select a CSV file" to upload your file:

Once you've imported your recipients, you can re-import your CSV or click to "Continue":

Enter your custom message and send to the recipients: 

Your Bulk Sending will be sent! 

Bulk Sending List View

Click on the "X Documents" buttons to open the Recipient Detail View: 

Clicking on any of these options will redirect to the Documents List View and filter the search options to match. 

For instance, clicking on "X Not Completed" will show all the uncompleted documents from that bulk send and the Search options will be filtered accordingly: 

Cancel Bulk Send Or Remove Recipients

There are a number of options from the dropdown menu at the end of the bulk sending row, one of which is to remove recipients or to cancel the bulk send:

Clicking "Remove Recipients" will allow you to cancel the remaining unsigned documents: 

To remove specific recipients, go to your Documents list dashboard and search for the documents. Then select "Cancel" or "Archive" from the dropdown menu for the specific documents sent to those recipients: 

Canceling a bulk send will delete all documents in the bulk send, and deleted documents cannot be recovered:

If you only want to cancel the unsigned documents, click to "Remove Recipients" instead.

Export Option

To export a CSV file containing information about the documents and recipients in the bulk send, click on the Export option from the dropdown menu at the end of the Bulk Send row: 

Clicking this option will allow you to export a list of information for recipients that signed, did not sign, or for all recipients involved in the bulk send: 

Columns for the Export List include: Date Sent, [Placeholder] Email, [Placeholder] Name, Sender, Document Name, Document Status.

Email Notifications

Note that as the Document Sender, you will not receive notifications for each document that is viewed/completed. You will only receive one "Bulk Send Completed" email notification once everyone has finished signing: 

CSV File Uploads - Troubleshooting Tips & Tricks

When uploading your CSV file, it's important to keep the following in mind:

  • Column names are not case sensitive
  • Column header spaces will work the same as underscores
  • [placeholder name]_email is the only required column (example: client_email, customer_email, etc.)
  • [placeholder name]_name is optional
  • [placeholder name]_[label] is optional (examples: client_address, client_enter_your_name)

Note that Bulk Sending is limited to 500 recipients each. If your list is larger than 500 people, you’ll need to split up your file into CSVs of 500 or less recipients.

Troubleshooting Autopopulating Text Fields With Labels
  • If you created a bulk sending, but some of the text fields that you added labels for did not auto-populate, check your CSV file to make sure that you've added the "placeholder name" before the label: client_label. 
  • Ensure that the label you added on the text field is the exact same label that you put in the column header. For instance, if you entered "phone" into a text field label, and "phone number" into column header of the CSV file, then the text field will not autopopulate.

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