Integrate SignWell With Close CRM

Close is a CRM that lets you connect with SignWell to track and manage sales.

We offer an integration with Close. Here are a few of the key features of this integration: 

  • Create documents from Close and pre-populate them with Close contact data.
  • Update Opportunities with contract activity including contract created, sent, viewed, signed, completed, reminder sent, and declined.
  • Create a Smart View in Close for contracts that have been sent but not yet completed.

Here's a rundown of how you can set up and take advantage of the features offered by this integration: 

Getting Started with Close

You can learn more or sign up by visiting their website:

How do I connect SignWell with Close?

Log into your SignWell account and navigate to the Settings -> Integrations and select "Connect" in the Close integration option:

You'll then need to enter your API key from Close by following these instructions

After getting and entering your API key from Close into SignWell, your integration will be active: 

Creating Documents With Close

You can create SignWell documents through Close with Leads and Opportunities. 

To create a document with a Lead, select the Lead and click to "Send document with SignWell":

If the contact for a Lead has been added to an Opportunity, then you can also click to "Send Document with SignWell" from the Opportunity:

This will create a document from your Close contact and you'll be redirected to SignWell: 

After uploading a file or using a saved template, the Close contact data will be pre-populated:

If using a saved template, the primary Contact will be pre-populated automatically: 

Note: If your template has one Placeholder (besides Document Sender) and only one contact for your Lead / Opportunity, we will simply pre-populate that placeholder with the Close contact name and email. If your template has multiple Placeholders (besides the Document Sender) and only one contact for the Lead / Opportunity, we will pre-populate the first placeholder with the Close contact name and email.

Pre-Fill Contract Fields With Close Data (Advanced)

By default we'll bring in your Close contacts' name and email address into SignWell. You can also pre-fill document fields directly through your Close Integration Links: 

Note: you cannot currently pre-fill document fields with Close data when using webhook events such as the "Send Document When Opportunity Is Won" event. Pre-filling contract fields only works with the Integration Links (shown above).

Pre-filling fields works by adding the field IDs of your SignWell template to the URL of your Close Integration Links. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Finding or Setting the API ID: Go to your SignWell Template and click on the field you want to pre-fill. Then, in the field properties dialog, select "Advanced". Here, you'll find the field's API ID. If you wish, you can update this and assign your own unique API ID:

  2. Using the API ID in your Close Integration Links: Once you have the API ID, you can incorporate it into your Close Integration URL as a query string parameter. For example, if your API ID is 'website_address', the URL would look like: website_address={{lead.url}}. Edit your Close Integration Link URLs by going to the Settings -> Integration Links page.
    1. Example SignWell Opportunity Integration Link in Close:{{}}?contact_id={{}}&website_address={{lead.url}}
    2. Example SignWell Lead Integration Link in Close:{{}}?website_address={{lead.url}}

Pre-Filling Multiple Fields

You can pre-fill more than one field by adding multiple API IDs to your URL. For instance, to pre-fill two fields with the API IDs first_name and last_name, your URL would look like: website_address={{lead.url}}&amount={{opportunity.value}}

Formatting Close Variables Correctly
Using the Close Template Tags, you can format the pre-fill variable differently depending on how you'd like the data to come through to your document. For instance with the Opportunity Value, you could use the following: 

  • {{opportunity.value}} returns the unformatted value in cents, so $100.00 would be rendered as "100000" in the field on your contract.
  • {{opportunity.value_currency}} returns the international code for the country currency, so $100.00 will return "USD", for US Dollars.
  • {{opportunity.value_formatted}} returns the formatted value in integer units, with cents added if needed. This means that $100.00 will be rendered as "$100". If the value contained cents, such as $100.54, it would be rendered exactly as "$100.54".

You'll find the list of Close Template Tags from the Integration Links Page: 

If you have any questions about the template tags in Close, please contact their support directly:

Quick Send Documents With Close

You can send a document in one click and skip the other views (such as: upload a file -> add -> contacts -> preview document -> send document) with Quick Send:

Prerequisites for Quick Send: 
- You are using Close to send a document with a saved template
- You only select one template

If there is only one placeholder to assign and the Opportunity / Lead has only one contact, clicking on the "Quick Send" button will immediately send the document:

If there are multiple placeholders that need to be manually assigned, then clicking "Quick Send" will first require you to assign contacts to those placeholders, and then Send the document (which still skips the file upload and document preview pages)

Automatically Send Documents With Close

You can automatically send documents in SignWell when your Opportunity is marked as Won. 

To set this up, first enable the setting to "Send Document When Opportunity Is Won" in your SignWell Close Integration Settings: 

If enabled, the templates in your SignWell account will be added as a custom field to Opportunities in Close:

Select the custom field for the name of the SignWell account that you integrated with, and then you can select the template that you'd like to use: 

When you select a template in your Opportunity, SignWell will automatically send that document when the Opportunity is marked as won. 

Note: In order to integrate your templates with Close, they must be active and have only one signer (not including the Document Sender).

Update Close Opportunities With Document Activity

Send document events to Close as Note

By default, the setting to Send document events to Close as Note will be enabled: 

If this setting is enabled, SignWell will send document events for Document Sent, Viewed, Signed, Reminder Sent, Completed, and Declined as Notes to the associated Opportunity or Lead in Close:

Mark Opportunities as Sent & Won

You can enable the settings to mark Opportunities as sent and/or won in Close if your document is associated with an Opportunity, or if your document is associated with a Lead and the Lead has one Opportunity:

The Opportunity will then be marked as sent / won when the document is signed. 

Note: When marking Opportunities as sent in Close, the associated Opportunity must contain a Status with the phrase “Contract Sent” (this is not case sensitive and any words can be after or before).

Show Document Progress in a Custom

You can have a custom Pipeline that will get updated as contracts get signed, which makes it easy to track the progress of your deals:

You can enable this in your Close Settings within SignWell: 

Deactivating Your Close Integration

To deactivate your Close integration, navigate back to your Settings -> Integrations tab. Click "connect" next to Close and then click "Deactivate Integration": 

This removes the API key and deactivates your integration between Close and SignWell.

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