Sending a Document

Here's a rundown on how to send a document through SignWell (skip ahead to minute 1:12 if not self-signing): 

What Kinds of Files Can You Send?

You can send multiple file types in SignWell, including PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, Excel, Numbers, Pages, and image files such as PNG, TIFF and JPG files.

To send/sign a document, click on the "New Document" button and choose to either upload a document from your computer or use a saved template that you have already created in your Templates dashboard:

If needed, multiple files can be uploaded at once! Note: if you upload multiple files at the same time, they will be sent together in one large document.

Self-Signing Your Document

If you are the only person signing your document, click "I'm the only one signing" and then click "continue": 

Since you've specified that you're the only person signing the document, you'll be taken to the preview page where you can begin placing data entry fields on the document. 

By default, the signature field is automatically selected, so to add your signature, click onto the document and choose to type, draw, or upload an image of your signature: 

Use your cursor to make adjustments to the signature field. If you need to delete the signature field, select the field and click "delete" in the signature field's setting box: 

To add a different field type, select the field from the left and place your cursor on the part of your document where you'd like the field to be. Click once to place the field, then fill it out: 

When you're done, you can click "send" to send the document to anyone who needs the completed form.

If you'd rather send the document yourself, click to get the share link which will let other people view and download the document: 

Whether you send or share, you'll receive a notification when other people view your document. 

To download your document, click on the "PDF Download" option: 

Regular Signing

If you are not the only person signing, or if you need to send the document to someone other than yourself, hit "continue" after uploading your document and enter the contact information for anyone who needs to complete it. You can enter new contact information (and SignWell will automatically save them to your Contact list), or use the drop-down list to choose an existing contact: 

After clicking on the "Prepare" button, you'll be transferred to the preview page of the document where you can select fields from the left and place them on your document: 

To add fields for a different person, change the name of the person that you are adding fields for on the left: 

Note: As you are placing fields on your document, you can use keyboard functions to tab into and out of fields. Hit enter to interact with them, and escape to exit. 

If some of the fields are assigned to yourself, you can double click to fill them out before sending the document: 

For more information about assigning fields to a document, click here.

When you’re ready to roll, go to the top right edge of the screen and click “Send”:

From the "Send" dropdown, you can choose to send your document directly through SignWell, or get the Document Signing Link so that you can send the document yourself: 

Note: Document Signing Links are only available when there is one signer on the document (not including yourself).

Get Document Signing Link

If you have only one signer on the document (aside from yourself), then you can click the "Get Link" option and copy the signing link:

When you copy the link, the document’s status will change to "Shared", and when the recipient clicks on the Signing Link, the document status will change to “Viewed”:

Send Document Through SignWell

If you clicked "Send Document", you will enter the send modal where you can CC the completed version of the document to another person or apply certain sending requirements. Add a custom message and click "Send":

If you would like to edit something in your document after you've sent it, you can click on the "Update & Resend" option from the drop-down menu at the end of the document row:

This will delete the original document that was sent and create a new version of the document in Draft mode, which can be edited and re-sent. Anyone who has already signed the document will need to sign the updated version again (to meet esignature compliance laws). 

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