Creating Contacts

The "Contacts" section of the SignWell app is where all of your contacts' information is stored. Within this section, you can create a new contact, archive them, add labels, and more.

Creating Contacts 

If you are creating a document and have not yet added any contacts to your Contacts section - no problem! After you've uploaded your document, simply type in the email address of the recipient/s that you will send the document to and SignWell will automatically save them to your Contact list:

To create a new contact that you can send future documents to, go to the "Contacts" section in your SignWell dashboard and click on the "Add Contact" button: 

From there, you can fill in your new contact's information and click "Save" when you're finished.

Editing Contacts

After your contacts have been added, you can edit them from the "Contacts" section of your SignWell dashboard: 

Archiving Contacts

If you need to remove a contact from your list, you can archive them by checking the box next to their name and selecting "Archive": 

Note: Contacts cannot be deleted because they can be part of documents and that information would need to be retained.

Labeling Contacts

There is an "Add Label” option for specific contacts:

When you take advantage of this feature, finding a “Sales” point of contact, for instance, is as easy as clicking the Search bar and searching for “sales”. This allows you to quickly reach out to that department without having to go through and search by name:

Lastly, if you have added Team Members to your account and assigned them to various Teams, you can also search for the contacts associated with a specific team in the Search bar: 

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