Managing Team Members

There are 4 types of Team Members (also known as "Users") in SignWell:
Member - can only access their own documents (they can also access all contacts and templates, but they cannot edit, update, or delete the templates).
- can access/manage all documents, content/templates, contacts, and users. They can't access global account settings like billing or workspace settings.
Admin - can access everything except billing.
Owner - can access everything including billing and can cancel the account. This is the person who created the account and this role can't be removed, but it can be transferred to another team member.
You can manage your team members in your Account Settings

Team Members

On the left side of your Account Settings, you'll see a couple other options. To invite other users to your account, click on " Team Members". 

Within your Team Members Settings, you are able to invite other team members to help you send documents by clicking " Add Members"

Enter their email and click the drop-down menu next to " Member" to assign them which type of user they will be: 

The recipients of the invite will receive an email inviting them to join SignWell: 

Clicking this link will allow them to sign up by creating a password or by signing in with Google.

If they are already a team member in your account, it will take them to a login page to accept the invite:

That's it! Now your team member can use your SignWell account to help you create and send documents.

Team Members' Documents: Account Owner and Recipient Views

When a team member uses one of your templates to send a document (by clicking "use" --> "use template"), the recipient will receive an email with your team member's account name displayed: 

Although you will not receive any email notifications when your team member sends a document, your team member will still be notified when their document has been viewed and completed:

As the Account Owner, you will be able to view status updates for any documents sent by other team members in your Documents List Dashboard: 

Any template that was created by you will list you as the Document Owner (unless you change this) in the template link settings: 

If a team member uses a template link for a template that lists you as the document owner, then the link will be emailed (if email verification is enabled) to the recipient/s with your account name displayed: 

As the document owner for the template link, you will receive email notifications whenever someone accesses the template link that your team member shared.

To reassign the Document Owner for a template that you created, click " Use" --> "Get Template Link" and in the template link settings, you'll be able to switch the document owner to another team member:

💡  Note: If you archive a team member, their templates and documents will be reassigned to the Account Owner. If a team member is archived but their documents are still in progress, those document notifications will then go to the Account Owner.


You can group your team members by departments, teams, or any way you'd like. To set up your Teams, go to your Teams Settings and click on "Add Team": 

Enter a name for your Team and hit " Save Changes":

To add members to one of your Teams, hover over the end of the Team's row and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on " Change Members":

Check the box next to any members that you'd like to add to the Team and then save your changes: 

You can also assign Team Members to Teams from within your Team Members Settings. Simply hover over the drop-down menu next to a Team Member's name and click on the option to " Manage Teams". From there, you can assign your Team Member to the Team/s of your choice.

How to Remove a Team Member

You can archive a team member by selecting the team member and then click on Archive from the dropdown menu, this action will disable their access to SignWell. 

The archived team member's templates and documents will be reassigned to the Account Owner, so that they will not be deleted. If a team member is archived but their documents are still in progress, those document notifications will then go to the Account Owner. 


You can divide your team members into departments by adding them in different sub-accounts. This is especially useful for accounts with larger teams. See how to set up sub-accounts.

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