Sub-accounts: Organize & Separate Documents, Brands, & More

You can create sub-accounts within your SignWell account, which will allow you to separate your documents, brands, account settings, team members, and more. For instance, if your company is made up of multiple departments, you can divide each department's documents, names, team members, and branding settings into sub-accounts.

Here's a quick rundown of how sub-accounts work: 

To set up a sub-account, hover over your profile and you'll see a "Create New Account" button: 

Enter a name for the sub-account and save it: 

You'll then be taken to the account switcher page so you can access any of the sub-accounts you've created:

To move from one account to the other, simply click on the account you'd like to switch to.

If you need to update one of the account names, navigate to that account's Account Settings page and update the name here: 

Organizing Team Members

Within each subaccount, you can invite different team members. To do this, navigate to the Account Settings -> Team Members tab for the subaccount that you'd like to add them into:

The team members will only have access to the account that you've invited them to join: 

That said, the same team members can be invited across multiple sub-accounts (no additional fees when inviting the same email). For instance, if you have sub-accounts for "Executive" and "Manager", you can add the same people in both accounts if they are part of both departments:

To remove a team member, click on the "archive" option next to their name:

Since team members can be a part of documents, they cannot be deleted since their information would need to be retained. Archiving them will disable their access to your SignWell account. 

Varying Account Settings

You can enable/disable your settings differently in each subaccount. For instance, in the Document Link Preferences, you can insert a unique redirect URL per subaccount:

In this way, your recipients on documents in "Subaccount 1" will be redirected to one URL, while the recipients in "Subaccount 2" will be redirected to another URL.

The same applies to other settings such as the number of days it takes before a document link expires. This and more can be adjusted depending on what best fits your workflow.

Separating Brands

In the Branding tab, you can insert a different logo, "email from" field, and email signature, depending on the subaccount: 

Documents sent from one subaccount will show the Branding settings you have put in place for that subaccount.

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