Transfer Account Ownership

The Owner of an account can access everything including billing and can cancel the account. This is the person who created the account and this role cannot be removed, but it can be transferred to another team member.

If you are the Owner of a multi-member account, you can transfer the ownership to someone else in your Profile Settings by clicking on "Transfer ownership" below your login details:

You will be directed to the login page where you will need to log into your account to confirm the ownership transfer:

You will then need to select a new owner from your current list of team members:

Then click "Transfer Ownership" to transfer the ownership to the selected new owner: NOTE: This will immediately transfer your ownership to the selected new owner. You will no longer be able to transfer ownership, manage billing, or delete the main subscription account and your role will be changed to Admin.

If you are ready to make the transfer, click "Transfer Ownership":

That's it! Your account will be transferred to the new owner: 

The new owner can login with their same login details, but now they will have access to billing and the ability to cancel the subscription. 

Your account status will be changed to Admin, which gives you access to everything except billing and you cannot cancel the subscription. To view details for the 4 user types, click here.

For account owners, see guidelines for archiving a team member or changing their account permissions.

If you have questions or need additional help, please reach out to our support at

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