Using Your Account Settings

You can make specific changes to your account within your Account Settings. 

To access your Account Settings, click on the icon at the top right side of your Documents list dashboard:

Account Name & Date Format

From here, you can edit your Account name (this is the subaccount name if you have multiple accounts) and change the date format of your documents: 

Audit Page Time Zone

You can adjust the time zone that's displayed on the audit report in your Account Settings:

Changes made here will be reflected in the audit report, which is included on the last page of each completed document in SignWell: 

Mute SignWell Branding

You also have the ability to mute SignWell branding, which when enabled (switch the toggle from "no" to "yes"), removes most of the SignWell branding from recipient emails and the final document download dialogue:

When this setting is disabled, the following SignWell information will be displayed at the bottom of recipient emails: 

But when SignWell branding has been muted, the email message will not display this: 

Additionally, in the recipient download dialogue, there will not be any SignWell branding displayed if you've muted SignWell branding: 

Otherwise, recipients will see SignWell branding at the bottom of the download dialogue after signing: 

Signature & Initials Preferences

To enforce that all signatures you receive from your recipients are always either drawn, typed, or uploaded, make adjustments in the Signature & Initials Preferences section of your Account Settings:

In this section, you can also disable the "Apply Everywhere" setting which allows recipients to apply signatures and initials in every required field with one click. 

If disabled, recipients will need to manually sign and initial each field: 

Default Signature Style

This signature preference allows you to set a default signature style, but still have the option to use other signature styles: 

Document Preferences

Digital Certificate Setting

Documents that are signed in SignWell are locked with a digital certificate by default:

This makes them tamper proof (viewable in Adobe Acrobat):

If the Digital Certificate setting is disabled, someone could technically try to edit the completed document with a tool outside of SignWell (but we can still verify which document is original through an internal encrypted marker).

Document ID

The Document ID is shown at the bottom of every page of completed PDF's: 

To prevent this, you can choose to disable this setting in the Document Preferences section of the Account Settings (to disable, switch the toggle to "yes"): 

Separate Completed Document Files

If you have uploaded and sent multiple attachments together as one document, or if you'd like to separate the audit file from the rest of the completed document, then you can enable this in your Account Settings and prevent the completed files from being merged into a single PDF:

Instead, the files will be sent in the "your document has been completed" email as separated files to the document sender and CC'd contacts: 

The separated files can be downloaded from the email that was sent to you, or as a Zip file from your documents dashboard or the document's preview page: 

Document Link Expiration Setting

By default, your documents will expire after 30 days. If you'd like to adjust the number of days that your document links remain active, you can do this under "Document Link Preferences":

Note: Adjustments made to expiration link settings will only affect future documents, so they will not update document links for documents that have already been sent.

That said, if a document has expired, you can reactivate it by sending the recipient a reminder, which resets the expiration date for the document:

Redirect Your Recipients to a URL of Your Choice

Lastly, you can redirect your recipients to a URL of your choice when you enable the "Redirect to Page After Signing" feature and enter your URL:

After your recipient/s sign the document that you sent them, they'll immediately be redirected to the URL that you entered. See instead how to set up a redirect URL per template/document.

When you're finished with your changes, be sure to click "Save Changes." 

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