Template Links: How To Access & Send Them

Template Links are reusable links that allow people to get a copy of their own document to complete. If you are sending the same document in bulk, for instance, template links will enhance your workflow by allowing you to place them in emails, on websites, forms, etc.

Here's a rundown of how to set up and share a template link: 

Get a Template Link

You need to create a template before you can access the template's link. Once you've done that, go to your Templates dashboard and click on the "Use" button and then click "Get Template Link":

Clicking "Get Template Link" will give you access to the link which you can then copy: 

Disable Template Link

If at any time you'd like to disable the template link so that the recipient/s can't access it anymore, click on the drop down arrow next to the "Copy Link" button and switch the "Disable Link" button from "no" to "yes":

Reassign Document Owner

From this drop down, you can also switch the document owner to someone else on your team:

Require Email Verification

When the "Require Email Verification" Setting is enabled (or if the template's sending defaults have a sending order set), then the recipient/s will need to verify their email before they can complete the document when they click on the link:

After you've copied the link and pasted it to the desired place (email, website, what have you), your recipient/s will click on the link and be prompted to enter their name and email to complete the document:

Once they hit "Continue," they'll be emailed a new document to complete (just like if you had sent it to them).

Disable Email Verification

If Email Verification was disabled (this does not work for multiple recipients unless they've been preassigned as contacts in the sending defaults, see next section), then after they've entered their name and email, they'll be taken directly to the document to sign it: 

Set Default Signers

If you would like to automatically have you or someone on your team be a part of every document, you'll need to "Set Default Signers," which can be done by editing your template. Click on the "Set Default Signers" button on the left hand side of the sending defaults dialogue box:

Then add the name/email address of anyone that you want to automatically be a part of those documents and click "Save Preassigned Contacts":

Now, when you send a template link that you or another team member is already a part of, they will automatically be emailed the document and you won't have to add their contact information each time you share the link.

Pre-Fill Document Fields (Advanced)

You can always pre-fill fields in documents by double clicking on the field you'd like to complete. You can also pre-fill document fields directly through your Template Link URL. 

Pre-filling fields through your Template Link works by using the field's API ID and adding it to your URL as a query string parameter. Here's how you can do it:

  1. Finding or Setting the API ID: Click on the field you want to pre-fill. Then, in the field properties dialog, select "Advanced". Here, you'll find the field's API ID. If you wish, you can update this and assign your own unique API ID.
  2. Using the API ID in your URL: Once you have the API ID, you can incorporate it into your URL as a query string parameter. For example, if your API ID is 'first_name', the URL would look like: ?first_name=Jane

Pre-Filling Multiple Fields

You can pre-fill more than one field by adding multiple API IDs to your URL. For instance, to pre-fill two fields with the API IDs first_name and last_name, your URL would look like: ?first_name=Jane&last_name=Wayne

Fun Facts About Template Links:

  • You can use template links even if there is more than one person on the document.
  • You can share a single link in one area and have multiple people sign it; thus, greatly impacting your ability to get your documents sent and signed quicker and more efficiently.
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