Email Notifications

SignWell sends status update notifications to the Document Sender and CC'd recipients, as well as email notifications to recipients to guide them through the process of completing the document that was sent to them. 

The email notifications sent to the document sender and CC'd recipients are enabled by default, but you can choose to disable them in your Profile Settings:

Here's a rundown of the email notifications that the senders and recipients of documents receive: 

"Document Completion In Progress" Notifications When Document Has A Sending Order 

 You can choose to apply a sending order to your documents before sending them: 

If a sending order has been set, then the people who are waiting to sign will receive the following email:

If you would like to disable the "Document Completion in Progress" notification so that signers will only receive one email (when it's their turn to sign), then switch the setting for "When Ordered Signing Has Started" to "no" in your Profile Settings:

Notification to "Complete Document"

Regardless of whether or not sending order is applied, when it is a recipient's turn to sign, they will be asked to complete the document that the sender sent to them:

Note: The email that the document signing request comes from is and this email address cannot be changed. We send emails from the domain to ensure the highest deliverability.

If the document sender is one of the signers on a document, we will notify them that the document is almost completed and it's their turn to sign:

Viewed Email Notifications

As is the case with every type of document in SignWell, when a recipient clicks on the document link that was sent to them, the sender and cc'd recipient/s will get an email notifying them that their document has been viewed:

To disable the "viewed" email notifications for yourself or people who are CC'd on documents that you send, switch either or both of these settings to "no" in the Profile Settings:

Sent Email Notifications

If someone is CC'd on the completed document, they will receive an email notification when the document has been sent:

This notification can be turned off in your Profile Settings, but CC'd recipients will still receive a notification when the document has been viewed (if this is still enabled) and when it's been completed:

Email Reminders

If the recipient/s haven't signed the document yet, automatic reminders will be sent to them every 3, 6, and 10 days after the initial email: 

This setting is enabled by default but you can choose to disable it in your Profile Settings: 

Reminders can be sent manually at any time from your Documents dashboard:

Notification That the Document Has Been Completed

When all the recipients included in the document have signed it and clicked the finish button, an email will be sent to the document sender, CC'd recipients, and signers stating that the document has been completed: 

The completed document email will include the document file as an attachment: 

You can prevent the completed file from being sent as an attachment to yourself and the document recipients (including CC'd recipients) in your Profile Settings: 

When disabled, there will only be a link to the completed file instead of an attachment: 

As the document sender, you can choose to turn off your "completed" email notifications: 

Document Declined Or Reassigned Notification

Document Declined

If enabled by the Document Sender, recipients can choose to decline or reassign a document by clicking on the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the document that you sent them: 

If a recipient declines a document, you will get an email notification stating that they've declined and their reason for declining: 

If you do not want your recipients to have this option, you can disable the "Allow signers to decline documents" setting in your Profile Settings: 

Document Reassigned

Sometimes the recipient is not the right person to sign so they will need to reassign their signing responsibilities to another person.

The person that the document was reassigned to will be notified that the document has been forwarded to them instead: 

If you do not want your recipients to have this option, you can disable the "Allow signers to reassign documents to someone else" option in your Profile Settings:

Email Branding From Recipient View

If you're on the Business plan, you can add your logo to recipient emails, change the email "from" field, and add a default signature to email messages:

To see the email recipient view included in the Business plan's features (such as how your company logo will appear) click here.

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