How Do I Make the Most of the Features in My Documents Dashboard?

How do I update my document after it's been sent? What is the copy feature? Why is my document in progress? How do I complete a document that was signed in person? Answers to these and other questions in this article can be found in your Documents Dashboard.

Update & Resend

Let's say you already sent your document but realize that you still need to add another signature or reassign one of the fields to a different recipient. From your Documents dashboard you can choose to update and resend the document by clicking on the "Update & Resend" option from the dropdown menu at the end of the document's row:

A warning message will display, reminding you that anyone who has already signed the document will be required to sign again (for legal reasons). Click "OK" to continue: 

From here, you'll be able to add another document to the original document that you're already updating, or you can replace the original file with another (the data entry fields will be transposed onto the new file): 

Hit "Continue" to add, remove, or update recipients for the document: 

Finally, you'll be directed to the document builder where you can adjust fields that you've already placed and add or remove others. 

To add or reassign a contact from the builder, click on the dropdown menu next to the person's name and choose a different contact or add a new one: 

When you've finished making your updates, click "send" again and re-send the document. The recipients will receive the new version of the document.

Create a Copy

Back in your Documents dashboard, you can choose to make a duplicate of your document from the dropdown at the end of the document row: 

If your document has already been completed, creating a copy is the only way to resend the document.

Duplicating a document will also duplicate all fields and any information in the fields, except recipient signatures/initials. The copied version of your document will be listed in your dashboard in "Draft" mode, meaning that you can edit this version of the document and send it: 

Organizing Your Documents With Labels

Labels work as a sort of folder system since you can add them to your documents and pull up all documents with that label in the Search bar.

You can add a label to your document from the dropdown at the end of the document row:

If you've already created some labels, you can search for them and select the ones you need. Otherwise, click "Create New Label": 

Enter the label's name and click "Create," then check the box next to the label/s that you'd like to add to the document, and hit "Save": 

Once you've added the appropriate labels to your documents, you can search for the documents under a specific label in the Advanced section of the Search bar under the heading "LABELS":

Document "In Progress" Status

When your document's status shows "in progress," that means one (or more) of the recipients involved still need to complete the document. 

By hovering over "status" or "in progress," you can see who the document is waiting on before it can be completed: 

If enabled, the system automatically sends out reminders after a document's been sent, but if you'd like to send a manual reminder, you can do so from the dropdown menu at the end of the document row:

Sending a reminder will also reset the expiration date for the document, so if the document link has expired, then you can simply send a reminder to reactivate it again. See how to adjust document link expiration settings.

Mark As Signed

If a document was signed in person, then you can mark it as signed/completed by uploading the file that was signed.

To access this, you would click on the "mark as signed" option from the dropdown menu at the end of the document's row: 

A dialogue box will appear allowing you to upload the completed file:

If you chose to notify your recipients that the document had been completed manually, they'll receive an email notification like this:

Cancel Document

If you cancel a document after sending it, the recipients won't be able to access it anymore and it will be deleted from your account: 

You cannot cancel documents that have already been completed.

To cancel a document that's in "Sent" or "In Progress" mode, hover over the dropdown menu at the end of the document's row and click "Cancel":

A warning message will appear to let you know that the recipients won't be able to access the document anymore and that it will be deleted. Click "ok" to continue.

Archiving Documents

Another important feature in your Documents dashboard is the ability to archive documents. 

You can learn more about this by clicking here

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